Marketing + Publicity

These fees do not include the cost of my design work should that be an element of the service.

Don't see what you're looking for? Pitch me! I'm happy to help make your vision come to life.


I will work closely with you to create a custom campaign that is appropriate for your project and fits within your budget. We can set up a Skype chat (or meet up in person if you're local) for a consultation to discuss what you're interested in and the pros and cons of each service.

Once I have a direction, I generate several options for you to choose from for each service you're interested in.

Our partnership can stop there if you feel comfortable running the campaign on your own and just needed some assistance with brainstorming.

If you want me to run any aspect(s) of the campaign, $20 will be discounted from the generation fee.

A full invoice for my design and service fees will be provided for approval before I begin any work, along with an estimate of extraneous fees such as shipping and materials. I will also provide a Statement of Work agreement for both of us to sign to make sure we're clear on what the campaign will entail and what is expected from each party.


After our consultation, I spend 2-3 hours generating various ideas for you to choose from to make sure your campaign is custom to your tastes.


* Any print-design elements have a separate fee *

Once we decide what readers will receive for preordering, I'll set up an entry form and track submissions, updating you at an interval of your choosing.

2-3 social media posts will be written for easy promotion, including a free graphic to post displaying the prizes.

Relevant hashtags for Instagram will be provided to help the campaign reach far and wide.


I can also handle fulfillment for an additional fee which will be determined by whether fulfillment is digital or requires trips to the post office. ($15 for digital, $30 plus shipping costs and materials for physical.)

If you'd like to use custom art as an element of your campaign, I can research artists and coordinate with your chosen vendor. ($15)

I can also create custom jewelry themed to your novel for a contest element at the end of the campaign. ($15/piece plus cost of supplies.)


This definitely works best if the novel you're promoting isn't the first in a series, or if your book has been out for awhile and you're looking to renew interest. BookBub is a fantastic resource that promotes discounted ebooks to a targeted audience via their website and daily newsletter. Their prices are a little steep so I'd definitely recommend trying to get your publisher to cover the cost.

I would submit your novel for consideration, coordinate with the company, and write up promotional social media posts for while the discount is live.

BookBub fees for YA Novels:

  • If the book is free – pay $127
  • If the book is $0.99 – pay $254
  • If the book is $1.99 – pay $442

  • Average download for free ebooks - 20,900

    Average sale of discounted ebooks - 980


    If you're interested in doing giveaways on social media, I can help you come up with prizing, choose the best platform for the contest, and the restrictions.

    I'll also write up the copy, create a basic graphic, track the entries, and choose the winner.

    If you'd like me to fulfill the prizes, it will be $5/contest + shipping materials/costs.


    Novel Aesthetics are hugely popular right now and do a great job of capturing the eyes of readers on over-crowded social media feeds while reflecting the tone of your book.

    I can design an aesthetic graphic for you using entirely free images so you don't have to worry about royalties or copyright.

    I'll additionally write up social media copy to go with the graphic, making sure to pave a path-to-purchase, and make a list of relevant Instagram hashtags.


    If you're looking to reach readers beyond your social media circle, promoting select posts can help get your message out there.

    I can help you choose the best platform(s), audience, and time frame for your promotion. I'll also write up the copy for the body of the post with your desired goals in mind.

    Posts with a visual element generally do best. If you're interested in a gif or digital graphic, you can see my design fees here.


    Do you struggle to keep your social media up-to-date with everything else on your plate? I can help generate content that you can post with little to no effort!

    If you just need some posts sharing important information, such as upcoming events, release dates, cover reveals, or contests, I would change $3/set (1 Twitter, 1 Facebook, and 1 Instagram post regarding the specific topic).

    I can also generate miscellaneous content such as artistic photos of your book to share with corresponding captions, or photos/links to things that relate to the topic or theme of your book. These would be $10/set as more is involved, and would probably work best leading up to release.

    As with the sponsored posts, please see my design fees for content such as quote cards, animated gifs, or event graphics. (If you'd like me to write copy to go with each of these, the $3/set fee applies.)


    Bloggers: I'll present you with a list of sites that have a decent following and that I think would be a good fit for your book. I will then reach out to the ones you're interested in to see if they'd be willing to post a review. ($40 for research and to coordinate 5-10 reviews.)

    Instagrammers: Bookstagram is not only a fun way to spend time but a really great promotional tool. These influencers have huge followings and a photo on their site can lead to a path-to-purchase. There are two tiers for this option.

    Tier One - $30

    I will provide a list of top Bookstagrammers and reach out to your preferred 5-10 to see if they'd be interested in receiving a copy of your book in exchange for a photo.

    Tier Two - $60

    After you choose your preferred 5-10 influencers, I will then curate a package of themed props to send along with the book to make for gorgeous branded photos. The cost of the props will be an additional fee but I can work to keep it within your chosen budget. I can also personally package and ship these boxes for an additional $15 + shipping and materials.


    Are you looking to attend some book festivals this year but don't have time to coordinate?

    APPLICATIONS - $10/each

    I'll provide a list of known book festivals for you to choose from, apply to those you're interested in, and handle all back-and-forth with the event prior to confirmation.

    CONFIRMATION - $50/each

    Upon confirmation, I will coordinate your appearance including confirming travel, hotels, and transportation. I'll field any requests the event has of you and provide you and your publisher with all details of your itinerary.

    BASIC - $100

    I'll arrange the details with the bookstore, find a moderator if you want one, match you with other local authors if you're looking for a panel-style event, and confirm details with your publisher. I can additionally photograph the event and provide discussion questions if desired.

    I'll also create a book event graphic for your social media and promote it via the Boston Teen Author Festival social accounts.

    DELUXE - $200

    This package comes with everything from the basic, but with a lot more personality! Perfect for launch events especially, I'll work with you to create a theme to really highlight you and your book. Love a good masquerade? We'll encourage attendees to come in costume! Is there a particular skill or talent your character has? Let's bring in a local expert to give a demonstration!

    With this package I'll also acquire any decorations or refreshments you desire. Themed cake pops, mini cupcakes, wine or sparking cider, I'll make sure it's there and arrange the ordering and delivery so you don't have to worry about a thing.

    *All costs of performers, decorations, or refreshments will be in addition to my organizational fee.